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Somewhere to belong

Most of my life, I have felt like I never belonged anywhere. The closest thing to where I belong is among actors. I would say dancers too, but I don't have a personality of a dancer (though I certainly can dance well). I have always felt conflicted in my life with identies. Most of the time, I'm impartial or undecided when it comes to things like religion (unitarian universalism) and politics (a centrist). However, despite where I'm placed with my fellow human beings, I'm certain of a couple things.

1. That my goal in life is to entertain people. I have never been knocked for entertaining the masses, for my talent, and my creativity. That's probably why I still want to become a famous entertainer some day.

2. I may not agree with other people's views on a personal level, but I respect people for having a different view than mine. It makes the world interesting, and less boring.

3. Along the lines of number two, anyone with a borg wannabe mentality sucks. I like people being themselves. The world would be boring if everyone acted, behaved, and believed the same.

4. I don't belong to any groups, clinches, and organizations. I prefer to be independent, and work alone on wanting to achieve things. The only expception I make is, again, the entertainment world. But everything way.

Recently, I had learned I have two dominant personalities by taking a personality test called "The Color Code". I am a blue-white personality. For more information, visit my blog Two personalities...wha wha on my journal and feel free to check out my profile.
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